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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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they can be. >> we've been some snow in the forecast. >> five-day standoff between police and a gun mast in an underground bunker. that standoff has ended. the suspect is dead. >> within the past 24 hours, negotiations deteriorated, and mr. dykes was observed holding a gun. . at this point, fbi agencies fear that the child was in imminent danger, entered the bunker. joining us with more is
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justice correspondent pete williams. what happened today? >> it all started about three hours ago. you heard the fbi special agent in charge say that one of the factors was that these saw jim dykes, the captor, holding a gun. another factor i'm told is officials say his mental condition had been deteriorating. they had been in touch with him regularly. they say he became increasingly irraggal. the fact that he had the gun, that he was holding it, or picking it up action and his deteriorating mental condition are the two reasons they went in. this is sort of a schematic of a notional view of what the bunker looks like. they came in from the top, the normal entrance from the top, stormed their way in, using a fairly standard technique of setting off some kind of explosion, a flash bang, a
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grenade to make a diversion. during that time, then, the boy was rescued. it was a very short news conference they held a moment ago, basically a few sentencing. i think one reason is they still don't know what killed jim dykes. the initial reports were that he was shot, but it could be this diversionary device, this explores i have been device could have been what killed him. they're waiting to determine that. i think they're holding off until they know more. >> no casualties among the law enforcement. >> no the first indication that something had happened was people on the scene saw an ambulance driving away, and we're told that ambulance did contain the boy, that he's been taken to a hospital. that's the phrase that everybody keeps using, he's okay. >> thank you, pete. turning to our weather photograph now, more snow is on the way. he joins us with a look at how
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much we're likely to get and when it will start falling. and is it more substantial? >> no, and that's exactly what you said. we've seen a lot of snow coming down from our lives. saturday, sunday, it just didn't amount to anything. maybe a dusting, maybe a coating, starting back to the west, around the winchester area, just starting to reach the ground. the rest of us it will take time to a, move in, and b, saturate the atmosphere enough to start seeing snow. not a wide area of snow at all. where it does fall, it will stick. 34 manassas, 34 in la plata. i think the snow starts around the d.y. metro area. with a temperature of 34.
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continues until about 11. doug, thank you. police chief lanier is speaking out against a report that the city underreported rapes and sexual assaults. lanier says there's evidence proving flaws in that rert. pat collins has new details. doreen, they knew what they wanted to right before they researched it. those are the words of police chief kathy lanier. the chief is on the warpath. she says this report is flawed and she says it is wrong. please chief cathy lanier said the human rights watch report on the handling of sex crimes in our city is misleading and harmful. >> released before that there's 170 undocumented sexual assaults
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that police commonly mistreat victims that wouldn't exactly say to a young person or any person who is a victim of a sexual assault, are they going to want to report to police now? >> reporter: the human rights report said over a four-years period, d.c. police didn't document or investigate 170 sex assault cases. the chief says that's wrong. she is says they can account for 116 cases, and they expect to find more. >> we tried to tell them that the methodology they were using was wrong, but they were comfortable using it. >> reporter: of 1200 sex assault victims, the chief says the human rights watch only talked to about 15. and she says when victims said something nice about police, they left it out. she says this is an example. until i read the police report, i would have said that had been treated exceedingly well by your
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officers. one officer stayed with me in my darkest hour while i was alone in the hospital, curd led in th fetal position. that's a paragraph in one of the her from the victims, but it doesn't appear in the letter in this report. >> no. they used almost the entirety of the letter, but they leave out anything positive that's written in that her about conduct by police. >> reporter: the chief says he welcomes an audit of the sex cases in the city, as long as it's done by someone who is fair. live in northwest, pat collins, news4. >> thank you, pat. president obama has just landed in washington after a trip today in an effort to garner public support for reform of gun laws.
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president obama needed a pitch for gun control in minneapolis today. >> if there's even one thing we can do once did y want -- louse in 2011 avalanching several in addition tills. >> but in a roundtable discussion, the mayor told the president he needs help. president obama wants lawmakers to -- and limits to high-capacity magazines. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> mr. obama wants congress to
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act while memories remain fresh. >> the advisers are making the argument that the political landscape has changed since newtown. this campaign will test that theory. >> quinnipiac university recently polled voters in three states, virginia, new jersey and pennsylvania. 90% said they support wider background checks. harry reid just got behind background checks. he said the senate will likely introduce a gun bill next month, but that's no guarantee of progress. conservative lawmakers and the gun lobby still oppose any new gun laws. this is likely the first of several trips the president will make to further his gun control campaign. tomorrow lawmakers will introduce the first bipartisan gun bill in the house the that bill will focus on gun tracking and also penalties for those who buy gun foss convicted felons. reporting live, i'm danielle leigh, news4. secretary of state john kerry is vowing to protect
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diplomats overseas. he wall street greeted with cheers on his first day at the state department. he noted the deaths of ambassador stevens and three other americans during the attack in benghazi in september. >> i know everybody here still mourns that loss, and we will. so i pledge to you this -- i will not let their patriotism and their bravery be obscured by politics. >> secretary kerry also paid tribute to hillary clinton for her leadership. new orleans mayor mitch landrieu is looking for more answers after last night's big blackout in the super dome. the lights went out for more than half an hour in the third quarter of the game. the mayor says he expects a full report from everyone involved this week. the energy department calls it an abnormality. commissioner goodell says it
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won't hurt the city's chances of hosting the games in 2018. ravens fans were all over the streets in baltimore last night. the rally crowds. damaged some tv news trucks. they report several people were arrested last night. chris gordon has more on the celebration, the cleanup and the preparation for the victory parade tomorrow. chris? >> good evening. the ravens will take the field for the last time this season at m & t bank stadium as super bowl champs tomorrow. now, one baltimore businessman is such a big fan, that he made an offer his customers couldn't refuse. san francisco kicked off deep into the end zone to start the second half of the super bowl. the ravens' jacoby jones surprised everyone, running 108
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yards for a touchdown. if you thought it was exciting for you u. just imagine how they reacted at gardner's furniture stores where they had promised free furniture to anyone who bought between thursday and sunday if the ravens began either half of the super bowl with a kickoff return for a touchdown. >> i was cheering on jacoby as well as our owners and i'm sure lots of customers. >> reporter: how much furniture did you get away? >> about $600,000 in sales. >> did the owner ever have second thoughts? >> no, no, no. we took out an insurance policy just in case. >> reporter: at baltimore city hall, they are putting up sound towers and risers, as they prepare to celebrate. city employees are showing their true colors today. >> my favorite clothes, they're purple. go ravens, we're proud of you. they're the best. >> reporter: they're having a parade tomorrow start the at
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city hall. they're heading to the stadium, where the ravens will speak and share their super bowl trophy with fans. the public is invited action and it's all free. add baltimore's inner harbor, the signs say ravens town, destiny, the ravens flag flies proudly above the city. the name ravens comes from a poem by edgar allen poe who lived in this house and died mysteriously, the cause of death never determined. but the ravens have become a big part of the charm city. >> we're grateful to be a raven in a raven nation. we're going to celebrate at the parade tomorrow. we just thank the ravens for everything they have done for this city. >> reporter: this will not only be a super bowl celebration, but a retirement party for ray lewis. there are billboards all around baltimore that say ray lewis, thank you for 17 years of
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loyalty as a raven. that's the latest tonight in baltimore. chris gordon, news4. what a way to retire, huh? >> indeed. the speed limit is going up on the intercounty connector, but what about 9 cost of driving on the toll road. new details tonight. a smash-and-grab robbery at a local jewelry store. and a teenage shot because she promoted ode indication for girls, speaking publicly for the
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dna samples were sent to a lab today. she turned up missing two weeks ago while vacationing alone in turkey. her body was found saturday near ancient walls in istanbul. her mother says she was a photography student and went to turkey to take pictures of historic sites there. police have questioned about two dense people, but nobody has arrested yet. tonight a pakistani people says she's grateful for a second life. mo lala was shot baas she was. keira simmons reports on her
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video statement from a hospital in britain. >> both operations were successful. >> reporter: she is still in the queen elizabeth ii hospital recovering, but what an incredible recovery in these first statements on camera after she is was shot by the taliban, for simply campaigning for the right for women to have an education. she has incredible poise yet at the same time seems to young. >> i can walk a bit, i can talk. i'm feeling better. it doesn't seem like i had a very big operation. >> reporter: it was in phage major surgery. the smashed part of her skill and a sophisticated hearing aid inserted where she had been left deaf in one side by the bullet. through the last piece of her surgery is expected, it may be
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sometime before she leaves hospital, possibly up to 18 months before she will be able to leave the uk. keira simmons, nbc news, birmingham. a fund has been started to fund grants. four rare animals are getting quite a bit of attention at a zoo in austria. four white tiger cubs born five weeks ago made that i public debut. these cubs weighed an average of 3 pounds each at birth, now gaining weight considerableably and getting healthier. zoo officials say they should do well, because their mom is willing to care for them. there are only 300 white tigers in the entire world now, all of them are in captivity. >> wow, they're beautiful animals. we're glad they are okay. so here we go again. >> here we go again.
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>> it's like they guys come in, they move out so fast and leave us -- >> they cancel school you go back inside and tell everybody, and then it's not. >> just look at this picture. the clouds, the clouds are moving in, but they're not lowering all that much, not very thick at all, and it's going to take a long time i think to saturate the atmosphere. i'm not expecting much at all from this clipper system. temperatures today to a high of 36 degrees, a low of 26. today was the fourth day in a row with temperatures of 36 droes or lower. we are starting off is the month of february 8 1/2 degrees below average. that's a cold stretch. we will warm right back up. that gives us a windchill of about 30 degrees. it is cold enough that anything
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that does fall. warm spot down by fredericksburg. if the snow was to develop across the area it could be able to stick -- all of the major roads i think should be a-okay. there's a lot of salt on those roads from the past couple days. here's where the snow is back toward the west, and having a very tough time making it over the blue ridge. winchester over towards martins burg, but not too heavy. we're actually waiting for this batch right in here to begin to make its way for our region. we'll see the snow begin around 7:00, 8:00. with that, that's what we're seeing, where we could see some light accumulation. that's really on the high side. 1 to 2 inches, shepherd's town,
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and then back toward the west. they could see 4 to inches, but once again we're on the east side of the mountains. here's the winter weather advisories, also up towards washington county, could see 1 to 2 inches here. i don't expect much. it guy -- taking you through the next couple hours. notice the snow all across the region. this does paint a bit of rain. i wouldn't be surprised to see that mixed in down around waldorf. if you live south of d.c. don't expect much, and by 10:00, it's just about out of here, by early tomorrow morning, we're looking at clear skies, or at least clearing skies. no worries tomorrow morning. i'm not expecting much in the
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way of delays at all, especially in the school closings. back into the 40s tomorrow afternoon. 44 to 47 degrees is right around where we should be. over the next seven days, wednesday high of 47. friday a high of 47 with a good chance of showering activity. we're going to watch out for that storm system. high temperatures into the mid to upper 40s. we warm up just a bit. >> if you look out the twoind tonight, see some snow, do year home work anyway. >> oh, yeah, for sure. the plan to grade schools is moving ahead, but not without some controversy. also tonight, the move to crack down on texting behind the wheel. the plan that's in the works. >> also a tweet that senator john mccain facing allegations of racism, and him saying
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chilled out. coming up, the raven return as champions. life is good when you're the super bowl mvp. we'll show you how joe flacco spent his mvp monday. plus dan hellies recaps it. when "news4 at 6
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breaking news out of the baltimore. there is a four-alarm fire in the downtown section. we're told it's in a lumberyard on pennsylvania avenue in baltimore. it's near the campus of the university of baltimore just several blocks north of lexington market. it looks like quite a fire that's gone on, four alarms having sounded so far. we'll have more as details become available. we have our first official candidate for next year's d.c. may i don't recall race. tommy wells formally established his exploratory condition. a and. congress is expected to begin looking at changing federal marijuana laws. they might begin that explore
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ace tomorrow. >> it would require growers to obtain a federal permit. the push to change it follows decisions by colorado and washington state to legalize pot. john mccain is making for apologies about a treat about ahmadinejad, a remark criticized as racist by smm. he tweeted -- he wants to be the first iranian in space, wasn't he just there last week? he linked to an article. mccain followed with the tweet asking, can't some people take a joe? it involving giving students a her grate. an qa" would go it the julie
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carey now has -- >> i would give it an "a." >> he knows exactly how they would grade his schools, but they may be giving a grade a through f for every school. legislation being pushed by the governor was just approved. the governor says letter grades would give parents a simpler way to understand test data. so how would the grades work? have a high pass rate. cs would go to schools that receive accreditation, but fall short in one area. an "f" would go to schools that have not won accreditation. the school board opposes the idea. the association that represents thousands of its teachers is
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fighting the measure. you just can't adequately measure what's going on in a school based on one standardized test. >> this fairfax county father knows what it's like to have graded schools. he came to florida, where it's already done. he doesn't like it. >> basically left kills goods to an "a" school feeling like they were doing well, and parents and students going to "d" skiles feeling like they might have been in subpar schools and it doesn't tell the whole story. >> i think that's a very good idea. it helps when you're locating to a numb home. you want to -- this could help families moving for military and government jobs, but she still has questions. >> is it fair? that's really a good question. i think teachers can do the best they can do and still because the kids are not taught how to study at home, that could be a
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problem. >> reporter: she and others also point out that parents should dig deeper whether they want to know whether their kids attend a quality school. the search is on for four men behind this smash-and-grab robbery. it happened at a zale's jewelry store. police released the store security video. the thieves walked in about 11:00 this morning, some used hammers to shatter the display glass. police say one of the suspects stuffed the jewelry into a redskins duffel bag. virginia could be getting tougher on drivers who text behind the wheel. a state senate committee approved a stricter bill today. anyone caught texting behind the wheel could get a $250 fine, doubling to $500 on the second offense. the bill would also give police the power to pull drivers over for texting. right now it's a secondary offense.
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a really is under way in annapolis, in support of maryland's historically black colleges and universities. the demonstrators are supporting a lawsuit against the state. that suit claims that maryland has failed to fully dismanting segregation era policies and hsbcus as they are called have been chronically underfunded. maryland's attorney general says he personally supports more funding, and that the state is still awaiting a judgment on the lawsuit. as we celebrate black history month, nbc's revealed the list of 100 making history today. among honorees is u.s. ambassador susan rice, rg3, and ken strickland, the washington bureau chief for nbc news. jim handly talked with ken about
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the career path that brought him to his leadership role. >> reporter: he oversees the nbc news bureau in the nation's capitca capital feeding news out. it's around the clock in this room. >> all the assignments get doled out from here. so who's going to go where, where the crews are corresponds to what story, it all happens right now. on a big day, this is the place you want to be, just to see all the activity. >> reporter: ken strickland wore a lot of hats before he took the helm. he's been in the tv trenches, editing, producing, on-air analysis. >> i think it all works together, you can appreciate what everybody else does. television is a team sport. i always feel like -- i tell them all the time, i work for you, my job is to make sure there's nothing that keeps you from doing your job. >> reporter: it's a long way from his early days, local tv in
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birmingham, nashville, then onto the network in 1995. his third day on the job for snubs -- >> we're going to send you to oklahoma city, and here's a pen and notepad. there's plane tickets at the door. i think what it speaks to is just a notion of news that you always need to be ready, be prepared. >> reporter: he covered the tumultuous final users of the clinton white house. from there he found him at the florida school where president bush learned of the 9/11 attacks. he would fly aboard air force once to produce coverage at ground zero for the world to see. >> that moment when you see the president with the bullhorn, that was all shot by nbc news. to see that destruction firsthand and try to navigate that balance and make sure you're there professionally, but can't turn off being there emotionally. it was an experience that i will never forget. >> reporter: ken strickland
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worked the has of the senate, too. today a big part of his job is recruiting and mentoring the next generation of journalists. >> it's trying to understand how to get people to work well together. it starts with navigating personalities and getting along with people. >> reporter: that comes with a sense of humor, take this moment. he can live it down and laugh it off. >> it's a town of politics and egos, you strike all of us as someone who doesn't take himself too versely. >> i love what i do. we have sweet gigs. to some degree, do they know that they don't have to pay me? you know, i don't want to get crazy, but -- >> reporter: his reaction to the is a lieu from grio? >> the notion that i have a job is so humbling. i looked up to him so much. i'm honored and humbled by it. >> you can see the full list of this years's 100 at
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>> but ken, as far as dance moves, keep your day job. all right. former first lady larba bush made a return to the district today. we'll tell you about the cause she's supporting and what she had to say about the health of her father-in-law. he wants to spend his life doing what dad does, so god made a farmer. and the super bowl commercials everyone is talking about today. the best and worst from the big game. how are we looking, doug? >> pretty good out there. rush hour moving through, no problems as far as the weather is concerned, the snow trying to move in from the west.
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th goal of that summit is to improve the survival rates for women with cancer, and they would like to do that by the year 2025. >> women are increasingly agents of change in our world. and health care they only the they improvement the ability of their countries.
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>> her mother is a -- nbc4 is partly owned by ge. she said her father-in-law went out to dinner on saturday it was the first time he had been out. the former president was hospitalized for six weeks for bronchitis. it's not just football players hoping for a win. advertisers were counting on their commercials. some paid about $125,000 a second. nbc's mark barger shows us some of the biggest hits from last night. 34-31. >> reporter: baltimore may have won the game. ♪ climbed a mountain and turned around ♪ >> but a beer company also scored big. >> anheuser busch hit it out of the park last night. >> reporter: the minute-log ad about the reunion of a clydesdale and its trainer
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scored a narrow victory on the 25 they have annual ad meter poll. >> wonderful music in the background. just made the ad incredibly powerful. a great super bowl commercial. >> reporter: coming in a close second was the miracle stain. also capitalized during the 35-minute blackout, they tweeted this impromptu ad. or i don't did the same thing, reminding consumers, you can still dunk in the dark. >> you're always working when you're an advertiser. you spend 3.7, 3.8 million for 30 seconds of airtime, you try to get as form bang for your buck. >>. the a about farmers ranked third, and jeep's ad honoring military families rounded out the top five. >> brands that run ads can get a
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significant bump that lasts about a month. >> it is less positive for godaddy's lip lock between a geek and supermodel bar refaeli. >> yet like the 49ers, there's always next year. mark barger, news4. they need to cancel that kissing thing. >> that was pretty yucky. we liked the old folks breaking out of the home. >> a night out. >> they didn't get leone sandcasting. >> that was hilarious. >> there was a lot of good tough. and a good game. coming up in sports, we'll hear from the ravens after their super bowl win in new orleans, including a have beenal leader who we think should be joe flacco's new pitch man. speaking of flacco, it was a whirlwind day. we're going to take us on his journey
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hello, everybody. i'm doug kammerer. temperatures are on the cold side once again. 35 degrees at the airport. windchill sitting at about 30 years. the clouds are still trying to
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move in. the snow is trying to move in, too. but once again we won't see much at all from this. anything that does fall may actually stick on the roadways, especially the secondary roads. we're at the freezing mark there. here's the radar pictures. it's he a real hard time. here's the mountains. just cannot make it over. light snow at winchester. make in through portions of washington and i still think we'll see some light snow from this, but once again i don't think we'll see accumulation at all. i don't think that's going to happen at all, so pretty much maybe a coating, there's still a
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winter weather advisories back towards portion of west virginia. i don't think that's going to verify either, this system is just too dry right now. once again, don't look for much, as you make your way out and about this evening. temperatures today, warm, in the mid 40s. that will feel pretty good. 45 on thursday, next chance of rain coming in right now on friday. all right. thanks, doug. after jacoby's run back, i'm getting tweets from people, game, it's over and all that. i'm tweeting back, huh-uh, 49ers are not there by mistake. >> you just felt that power outage coming, did you? >> no, i did not. >> the only thing that wasn't predicted, right? some of the best and most head scratching moments, was riveting. it looked like a blowout until the end. the night with the two brothers, all those subplots, it was viv
6:47 pm
vetting. this after the super dome blew a giant fuse. >> it's a term we can bury at least for at year, the har-bowl. joe flacco was on point. the talk of the town. flacco doing what he does best, connecting on the default, jacoby jones falls down. thence gets up, hits in the end zone, right. one of three td passes for flacco. here's that power outage. jim knew it wasn't over. the game was delayed for 35 minutes. here colin kaepernick's pass, in
6:48 pm
complete. job gets the best. ray lewis wins a second super bowl title, and joe flacco is your mvp. dan hellie has more on the ravens wins quarterback. >> reporter: during the season hess was asked who he thought was the best quarterback. flacco said i think i am. 22 of 33 for 287 yards, and three touchdown passes. a nearly perfect post-season for flacco, earns him super bowl mvp honors, and probably a fat new contract coming up really soon. >> it's unbelievable. we don't make it easy, but that's the way the city of baltimore is, that's the way we are. you know, we did this for them back home. we had a great send-off, and we can't way to have a parade.
6:49 pm
>> what did you think? >> what do you think? >> 11 touchdowns in a playoff, no interceptions in he can beat the past, present and the future, and he beats the -- boy, flacco, flacco. >> nfl agents usually get 2% to 3% of contracts as commission, make t-fizzed can get some. its think he deserves it after that pitch. joe flacco not on the plane when it lands late this afternoon. the ravens coming back to town ready to share their title. some fans on hand to greet the champs. flacco will rejoin the team tomorrow. today flacco was busy being the super bowl mvp. flacco's day started with a look at his new ride, a brand-new red chevy corvette stingray, a perk of being the mvp. yeah. then he took off from the airport, reunited with the
6:50 pm
cutie, his 7 1/2-month-old steven, soon to be a big brother. from there flaggo's. >> what is all this? >> then they took him to the happiest place on earth. disneyworld, all in all a good day. you see a full-on smile? we didn't seed a lot of those, but he was smiling. who has it better than joe flacco? nobody. expected to cash in soon with a new contract. yes, you heard right, they are expecting a new baby. they announced it to family just last night after the win. tomorrow the celebration continues for everybody. the parade starts 11:00 beginning at city hall. just two wins in their first nine games. fans may be hitting the panic button, but not the head coach. >> i wouldn't sacrifice the way the team is winning for a win.
6:51 pm
not for the wrong way. you have to think big picture. i think we're going in the right direction. >> it's right and it's working. now we just have to zero if on the times we're not doing it right when they're capitalizing it. that's the stuff that's hurting us, obviously. to the pitch. dy united is back in town after spending the last two weeks in florida, united working out in arlington this week. united is coming off a great season, they made the playoffs for the first time in five years, the head coach is ready to build on that momentum. >> we should have a better starting point, because we have that familiaraity with the guys and what i'm asking them to do. last year was last year, you know, we dodged a lot of bullets, had a lot of luck down that stretch to get to where were. i give them a lot of credit, but
6:52 pm
we've got to get better, we've got to get a lot better if we're going to do what we did last year. >> they have some time to work it. dy united begins the mrs season on march 2nd against the dine mo. tonight the wizards are back in action mosting blake griffin. game time 7:00, and we can officially say the nfl season is over. so we're moving on to winter and spring sports. i've got to assume that blake griffin is probably making as least as much money off endorsements as on the courts. >> has he learned to jump over a car? up next how rosa parks is being honored on what would h
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some welcome news today for drivers complaining that the speed on the intercounty connector is too slow. today they announced they are raising the speed limit, not a whole lot, from 55 to 60. that decision comes after a year of analysis the icc runs, and costs $4 to drive the entire roadway during rush hour. transportation officials say
6:56 pm
there are no plans to lower the tolls there. the new speed limit goes into effect sometime around march. there's a new honor for rosa parks. the u.s. postal service is parking her birthday with a new stamp. as you know she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on the bus. her dizzy final bus -- they had the move to end segregation. she died in 2005. tonight at 11:00, disturbing video that shows a caretaker attacking a patient at a maryland group home. there's been an arrest, but the investigation is far from over. also, new information about the 5-year-old boy now recovering in a hospital after an intense hostage standoff in alabama. and a look at the final preparations for the victory parade tomorrow with the super bowls champs return to baltimore.
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it's not good to snow on their parade, is it doug? >> no. if it does, it will be a flake here and there. that's howl we can muster this winter. it's tough for us. that's exactly what we're going to see, just a bit of snow. temperatures the next couple days, here's what you can expect. the weekend, though, looking pretty nice. >> we like that. thank you. so imagine you're at the airport, it's a monday morning, it's early. the day is more than a little bit gray. that's how it was this morning at an airport in romania. ♪ >> the bucharest symphony orchestra teenaged a flash mob concert.
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some of the musicians got into it, describing themselves as passengers, airport workers. they performed a short recital. it went over well with the audience. musicians seemed to be having just as much
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